Pizzeria Serio

The first time I ate at Serio was a few months after it opened in at the edge of the Roscoe Village neighborhood. After ~2 years, it was great to go back with Sara and Allison and learn a bit about the behind the scenes side of the pizzeria. One of my favorite takeaways was that the owner loves a simple margherita pizza! Gotta love people who believe in the basics. I’ll try to keep my review brief🙂.

The classic Hobart mixer. Every home has its pricey & trustworthy kitchenaid mixer, Hobert is cream of the crop for restaurant kitchens.
Dough is covered while rising.

Dough and the date it was made

Fresh anacini sausage from the local Chicago vendor- doesn’t get better than that. They cook the sausage ¾ of the way and the rest is baked when the pizzas are in the oven.

Baked goat cheese- One of their popular appetizers. Easy to make and yummy to eat.

Wildly popular mini calzones. These little nuggets are perfect for sharing pre-pizza with a simple blend of mozzarella & ricotta cheeses.

DUH- Classic margherita. I think this is one of my favorite pies in Chitown. From the sauce to the cheese, to the crust, happy all-around
Serio has been tweaking the sauce method ever since they started… you can never put too much time into perfecting your recipe. Currently they use three different types of tomatoes with some salt, sugar, basil, oregano, etc.

More exciting toppings. Some spicy added as well.

Cinna stix! The staff invented this satisfying dessert when they were playing around in the kitchen one night.

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