Scotts Pizza Tours (April 2013)

I often make quick travel stops because my project life is a bit hectic. I recently flew into NYC for 1 night and left Sunday afternoon to return to Texas. I had to find a way to try SOME pizza while also visiting my parents who were on a weekend getaway.

I stopped by Scotts Pizza Tours and joined them on two pizza stops in the Brooklyn area. I highly recommend taking one his tours because he is an energetic, knowledgeable, and fun tour guide & pizza lover.

My first slice was at J&V pizza right by the N Train. The pie we ate was a sicilian style baked in a rotating mechanical mechanical oven. The bakery-style crust was great and the low-moisture mozzarella was flavorful. Although this was my first stop, the tour group had been to two other pizzerias before, so they were nearing a pizza coma.

Owner of J&V Pizza
Fresh outta the oven pie
Slippery cheese
Scott & his tour group

Scott took us in back and showed us a bit about the flour that they use for their crust. The bags are HEAVY and this type of flour was unbleached and bromated. I learned that the potassium bromate is essentially a ‘flour improver’ that has potassium in it to give nutrients to pizza eaters.

The last stop for me was at Sam’s Restaurant in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. First of all, the neighborhood was ADORABLE and I would love to spend more time there. I scarfed a few bites of my slice before heading to the airport and was in heaven. Sadly, I did not get to enjoy all of it, but Louie, the guy who runs the place, was super friendly. This 1930 establishment still attracts the locals and I would definitely be a regular if I lived in the area.

Louie (The owner) and me.. and pizza

I hope to take a full tour in New York someday with Scott, because the best way to learn about NY is through its pizza!

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