Siena Tavern- Chicago

One of the hottest restaurants in River North is the new Siena Tavern. My girlfriends and I were able to snag a seat on the early side and were excited to see what the hype was about.

  • The cocktails were cool: They are numbered cocktails. I had the No.2 which was fruity and Anna & Audrey had the No.1
  • Portions were great for sharing! Each dish was larger than expected
  • The whole restaurant was buzzing with energy. High top tables, bar seating, chic booths, etcetera
  • The grilled octopus was great! Although I didn’t try it, I trust the feedback from my friends.
  • We had the carne pizza. The fresh sausage, pepperoni, and bacon were great on top of the pizza.
    • The thin & sturdy crust handled the toppings well, but had little to no flavor
    • There wasn’t too much sauce or cheese to accompany the toppings
  • The gnocchi was AMAZING.
    • It was heavy because it was baked in a truffle cream sauce
    • Pillows of dough were hard to resist
  • Orchiette pasta special with sausage was great as well
    • Not sure on the sauce but it was unique
  • Overall, I may have failed at ordering because we had so many heavy & carb-loaded dishes
    • Would love to try their meat & cheeses next time

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