Pieous- Austin,TX

Finally… Pieous is a place I have wanted to try ever since I read about it on Slice’s website! I met up with an old friend Katie and we took the journey to the refurbished barn-restaurant appx 15 minutes outside the downtown area.

The restaurant was meticulously decorated with bright colors, lots of windows, and an ‘open’ feeling. Katie & I ordered two pizzas: The Margherita & the Brussels and Jam. We also had a taste of some local beer. I hate coming to places that are known for so many good things… makes the decision more difficult. I REALLY wanted to try their famous pastrami, but I knew my stomach wouldn’t allow. So we stuck to pizza for this adventure.

I loved both pizzas, but most of all I loved talking to the owners. The husband and wife pair are so inspirational. They are proud of their restaurant and happy to come to work every day. That’s the best thing. They are enjoying raising their kids in an environment where they can learn about what it takes to work hard and see results. I want to be adopted, and eat lots of their pizza!

I’m hoping I can head back one more time before my Texas travels are finished…

PLEASE DO check this place out.

Figure 1 Love the handwritten menu on the wall

Figure 2 Bright, open room, various seating options, napkin rolls on the table, inspiring writing on the walls

Figure 3 Beer!

Figure 4 Brussels & Jam Pizza- The Pizza was just amazing. I am a fan of the handmade mozzarella… who couldn’t be. The most refreshing combination and I had never tasted anything like it. Overall a hit for me.

Figure 5 Margherita Pizza-This was lovely as well. No lack of sauce, which made me happy, and it just oozed with freshness. Loved the bubbled crust edges.

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