Duettos- Key West, FL

My sister and I had an awesome getaway to Key West, FL. We walked a LOT, and one of our food stops was at Duetto’s pizza. Rated as the best pizzeria in Key West, we couldn’t resist.

Since it was a slow Saturday, I was nervous to order the slices that were sitting out in the display case, although there was a nice variety. The only way I could have gotten a fresh slice would have been to order a whole pizza… which didn’t happen. Ariel got the standard cheese slice. I ordered the Sicilian. We learned the Sicilian was a new slice for them… but really enjoyed the standard cheese slice.

PIC 1 This was the cheese pizza. The crust was STELLAR, flavored, and lightly seasoned cheese. Crunchy although reheated. All the flavor was still there. Quite impressed!

PIC 2 She’s a model… check out the bottom shot.

PIC 3 I thought I would be adventurous and try the sicilian, but the cheese lacked flavor. You can see it looks pretty bland, and it tasted the same. Although the slice wasn’t super thick, it was still cooked well. I didn’t mind the charred crust.

PIC 4 They said they were working on this recipe, so I’ll give them lots of credit. I liked the crust! But sauce/cheese didn’t really give much flavor, but great to know they are working on it!!

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