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I LOVE getting together for pizza with the cousins. They are my Barnabys and Superdawg links to my childhood as well, but it’s great when we can meet up to try a new restaurant together! Jon & I were both in town, so it was a large gathering at the streeterville fast-casual joint Flour & Stone.

The space has a few tables on each of the three floors of the narrow space. The main floor has two ordering kiosks with the prep table right in between. A gorgeous oven is the star of the show, and it was advertised as a 600 degree oven with Brooklyn-style ZA.

We LOVED it. The pies were massive and only offered in one size, but we just wanted to eat everything. We had some margherita, pepperoni, veggie, and Sicilian pies. Overall, I think we ate FIVE pizzas for SIX people… and I’m not ashamed.

My uncle was raving that it is some of the best pizza in Chicago and I was just in heaven. The pizza was good, no doubt. The topping distribution was generous, to say the least (See: veggie pizza). I thought the ratio of sauce : cheese : crust was stellar. I may have overeaten, but it was not in vain. The BYOB aspect is nice, and the casual atmosphere was welcoming. Would recommend this to Chicagoans near and far:). I don’t care if they claim Brooklyn and if there may be some haters… I just like how the pizza tastes!

Oven Time
Puffy, lightly scorched edges of the colorful margherita
Holy Veggie!
Contemplating my existence at the last pizza

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