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When I was last in Chicago, a bunch of us found ourselves at Francesca’s Forno in Wicker Park for dinner during the final blackhawks winning game. We left a foodless bar to eat some grub and were thankful to see the game being shown on the TVs. We had the bruschetta of the day and also a roasted corn dish to start. Both scrumptious.

Then we moved on to two pizzas: a “Classic” (tomato, red sauce, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, sea salt) and “Rustica” (prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto) pizza. The crust was sturdy and had bubbly edges. The toppings were generously applied and each pizza had 6 small slices. Everyone enjoyed them, and were happy about the flavors in the Rustica Pizza. Unfortunately I was not a fan of the Classic, which is usually what I gauge the quality of pizza against. Sadly not a ‘top’ pizza experience for me. I prefer the pizza at Francesca’s Intimo near the Hancock.

The great thing about this place is the wide variety of food on their menu. I REALLY enjoyed both antipasti selections and would come back to try other items on their menu. The ambiance here was great and I love the location near one the main big Wicker Park intersections. It is not the top of my picks for a Mia Francesca restaurant as far as their pizza, but we enjoyed eating there.

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