Poppa Rollo’s – Waco, TX

On my last week in Temple, Texas, I finally found time to check out a pizza place I had heard so much about! My friend Amanda had been going there since she was younger and wanted to share her favorite spot with me. I met her and her adorable sons on a Monday night and we had to wait quite a while to be seated.

When we got to a table, we ordered up three 10-inch pizzas: 1. Cheese, 2. Jalapeno & Pepperoni, 3. Onion & Pepperoni. Amanda asked for hers to be as thin-crust as possible, so I followed suit. The pizzas came out and I immediately noticed the golden cooked cheese on top of the plain pizza. The ends were crispy. The flavor was good. I thought there may have been too much cheese and too little sauce on mine, but it didn’t deter me from chowing down.

The ambiance is family-oriented and they have an arcade room as well as a backroom trick-entrance to the bar. Fun for the family and good food! For a restaurant to be that packed on a Monday night means they have something special in Waco, Texas. I had a great time!

New best friends!

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