BBQ Pineapple Pizza & Other Delights

My family and I spent some time in the Chicago burbs and it was great seeing our friends! We went over to the Kaizer house and were presented with a GREAT summer meal including homemade pizza. I was impressed and excited! They even made homemade sauce. I personally loved the BBQ chicken & pineapple pizza. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, but everything about it was great! Read along for a brief description by Lauren and some appetizing before & after pics. Thanks Kaizer family! Continue reading BBQ Pineapple Pizza & Other Delights

The Union Woodshop- Clarkston, Michigan

My team and I went to one of the hippest spots in town called the Union Woodshop. The wait was 1.5 hours for a party of 4, but they managed to accommodate 10 of us in that same wait time. It was a BBQ restaurant, but they snuck pizza onto the menu do to their wood-fired cuisine. Well, of course that made the tasting list. Continue reading The Union Woodshop- Clarkston, Michigan

Tribe Road Kitchen- Bermuda

Tribe Road Kitchen is a spot in downtown Hamilton, Bermuda which currently serves lunch every day, brunch on the weekends, and pizza on friday nights & saturdays. I think they are expanding their evening hours, but as of now, that’s what they have going. People rave about their pizza, so I finally gave it a try. Continue reading Tribe Road Kitchen- Bermuda

Nomad Pizza- Philadelphia

I made a pit stop in Philly for less than 24 hours and knew I had to get some Philly Cheesesteak. Right down the street from Pat’s cheesesteaks & Geno’s was a pizzeria called Nomad. The neighborhood was adorable, and the setup was quite inviting. Large open doors for outside seating, tables near a pizza oven, upstairs bar area, and a dining area with large movie screen. Continue reading Nomad Pizza- Philadelphia

Jet’s Pizza- Michigan

I had no idea there was a Jet’s pizza in Chicago. They are a Michigan pizzeria that franchises across the USA. My client in Michigan ordered in pizza for lunch last week, and it was the Detroit deep dish classic. My goodness, I was addicted. I usually don’t lean toward super-thick pizza, but the caramelized crusts had me sold. Here are some pics from the meal. I also ate leftovers throughout the rest of the week… dangerous. Continue reading Jet’s Pizza- Michigan