Brick Oven Proper- Pittsburgh

It was my first time visiting this pizzeria and I rooked in a bunch of coworkers to check it out. The brick oven is located to the right of the entrance as you walk in the door and a long bar-style room us straight ahead. We sat at a long table […]

Fat Tommy’s-Pittsburgh

I enjoyed having a few slices at the classic Fat Tommy’s in Market Square, Pittsburgh. This place has been around for a while and listening to Fat Tommy’s husky voice adds to the ambiance of this part counter-service /part carryout pizzeria. We sat at the bar for lunch. I had the pepperoni slice and the white pizza (no sauce with sliced tomatoes). I enjoyed both of the slices and this place was packed when I arrived. I also got a taste of the Fontanini sausage on a slice as well! Love Fontanini. It’s funny because I rarely go to slice shops, but both slices were cooked through with real-tasting cheese. None of that crappy stuff. The only greasy part of the ZA was because of the pepperoni, so I was alright with that. The thin crust was very NYC and I was able to fold the pizza over and chow down. Will be back here for a quick bite soon.

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