Brick Oven Proper- Pittsburgh

It was my first time visiting this pizzeria and I rooked in a bunch of coworkers to check it out. The brick oven is located to the right of the entrance as you walk in the door and a long bar-style room us straight ahead. We sat at a long table across from the bar.

We ordered a great variety of pizzas to share:

The crust was bomb diggity. It was unique and fluffy. Nicely crisped from the oven and glazed with oil as well.

I also loved the menu specials. So nice to have a changing list that makes me want to come back for more! They have an entrée special, beer special, and pizza special each month.

Margherita– this pie was generously topped with ripped basil and even amount of cheese and fresh tomato sauce

Carnivore- the sweet & hot Italian sausage was both of the above. I liked the crumbled sausage taste. At times the plethora of sausage was a bit too overwhelming, but people loved it and we ordered another!

Bianca- my least favorite and the least favorite of the crew since these slices were not devoured as quickly. Perhaps all the fancy cheeses were a deterrent!

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