San Fran Pizza Tour




On a recent trip to Redwood City, CA, I had many hours to kill before my red-eye flight back east. I recruited a few coworkers to sample some pizza I’m downtown San Francisco. I did something similar with Scott Weiner when we realized both of us were in LA. The catch was that my coworkers had never visited SFO before, so I had to make sure we saw some sights too. I had 7 stops on my list… Ambitious I know. I ended up eating at 5 different pizzerias and enjoyed the experience trekking through the unusually cold weather and rain. 

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Taco Mac- Atlanta

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Alon’s Bakery- Atlanta

I was so happy to be working in Atlanta for a short time because we had to rent cars, which gave us some freedom. So I purchased some passes to a fitness class I like and wanted to pick up some whole foods-style prepared snacks.

Alon’s bakery is an […]