Alon’s Bakery- Atlanta

I was so happy to be working in Atlanta for a short time because we had to rent cars, which gave us some freedom. So I purchased some passes to a fitness class I like and wanted to pick up some whole foods-style prepared snacks.

Alon’s bakery is an open floor plan “store” that has lunch section, deli food section, bakery, bread, wine bar, and pizza oven section. There are also grocery goods scattered about, including cheeses and spices and chips.

I ordered a small pizza and it was splendid. The pizza was just what I was looking for and resembled many high-quality Italian pizzas. I was so happy to eat there and also picked up some awesome Israeli couscous curry salad.

A lovely date for me myself and I!


  1. Hey Felicia! This is Alex from the Oxbow project several years back. If you find yourself in ATL again, let me know and lets catch up!

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