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On a recent trip to Redwood City, CA, I had many hours to kill before my red-eye flight back east. I recruited a few coworkers to sample some pizza I’m downtown San Francisco. I did something similar with Scott Weiner when we realized both of us were in LA. The catch was that my coworkers had never visited SFO before, so I had to make sure we saw some sights too. I had 7 stops on my list… Ambitious I know. I ended up eating at 5 different pizzerias and enjoyed the experience trekking through the unusually cold weather and rain. 

Stop 1 -Carmel pizza company.

This cute pizza truck was located near other great food trucks (or do I heard) the crew started with a Margherita pizza and beers. We were at fishermans wharf and it was a good price for the location and not a tacky chain restaurant.

This pizza was a nice start. You could tell they used fresh ingredients. Crust wasn’t terribly flavorful and they left relatively large space between sauce and edge of ZA.


We then saw some sights and walked over to the union street area by Washington park.


Stop 2- Tonys pizza napoletana

Famous Tony Gemignani’s shop was a must-eat. We came in around 4:15 and it was only half full. We grabbed a spot at the bar and sampled the menu. Jeeze… Tony did not make it too easy for us. They churn out a variety of pies and styles. I could have done a pizza tour just at his restaurant. Not to mention he recently opened a Chicago-style shop down the street.

We were served bread with a trio of garlic, oil, and tomato dipping sauce. Very nice. We settled on the famous Margherita pizza… The one with San Felice flour that sells out. We were not disappointed. The only disappointment was that we couldn’t try more styles. Alas, time constraints and stomach capacity indicated it was time to move on.


Then we continued south through Chinatown and the Stockholm tunnel to reach union square! So festively decorated for the holidays. Also the neighboring department stores had awesome decorations.


Stop 3- cupola pizza

This pizzeria was located in the Westfield mall on market street.  For mall restaurants, this was very nice. We sat on the “patio” and had the broccoli pizza (someone advised to try a non-plain pie). Sadly, I was not impressed at the topping combination. There was a mush of vegetables among the cheese and lack of marina or other flavor did not satisfy for a white pizza. I still liked the crust though. It was fluffy and light.


Stop 4- Zero zero

This swanky spot was a large restaurant with two floors. We sat at the upstairs bar to watch the bartender put together some fancy cocktails. The Margherita pizza was cooked perfectly. The cheese covered the pizza well rather than patches of mozzarella. Also the bits of char long the crust and cheese were lovely. I didn’t like it as much as Tonys but this definitely ranked second. I also loved the cocktails ad the vibe and would recommend this as a cool place to dine with friends.

Love this menu

Stop 5- I snuck off to meet my friends eve and DAN at a pizzeria/ hotspot they had never tried before. They ordered a cool pizza with a cracked egg on it, but when it arrived, we were disappointed. The pie was super thin but it was cooked in a way that the flavor seemed to escape. The crust was too burnt and the amount of spices didn’t make up for it. Although the company was awesome, it did not compare to the pizzerias before.

After a 5 stop trip, I was super happy to have toured San Fran for the short bit of freedom before my red eye flight.

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