Pasquarelli’s Pizza House- Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Meat Pizza

I’ve been working in Pittsburgh, PA on an Oracle implementation and have met some fun people on the client side. Dee was excited to learn about my blog and actually compiled a list of pizza places to try while I’m in PA. This was our first adventure to check out all the best pizza near town. She brought in pizza from her local pizzeria that she’s been eating at forever. One meat pizza, one veggie pizza, one romano cheese pizza, and some awesomely spiced breadsticks.

Kent loved the pizza, so I had him write up his thoughts!
Pasquerelli’s Romano is a romano cheese lover’s pizza, which has a unique flavor that some people may not be fond of but other’s like myself really love. A great pizza like this is a rare find, and I have only experienced this type of flavoring in one other place that I grew up on in my hometown. Pasquerelli’s version starts with a New York styled, hand tossed dough, with the added wrinkle of a sauce-filled crust (they claim to be the originator of this approach). They then apply a good amount of traditional, rich tomato sauce that is topped off with grated romano cheese. I really enjoyed it.

Romano Pie
Sauce inside the crust!


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