Valozzi’s- Pittsburgh


So glad to have stopped into this Italian joint on the edge of market square. We sat at the fresh mozzarella & charcuterie bar area and sampled many small plates. Nothing was made in house, but our cheese expert explained that the cheese was shipped in from Italy and picked up directly from the PITT airport.

The ravioli we ordered was succulent and savory. Truffles have a tendency to that to you. We also shared a spinach pizza which was almost like a spanakopita pizza. This is because their pizza dough is in fact phyllo dough. Very interesting. I am wondering how it will taste with other topping combinations because all I was thinking about was the Greek delicacy:) and OMG smoked mozzarella was wild!!

Happy to go back as the service and ambiance was great.

20140214-123519.jpgPorcini and Truffle Ravioli – brown butter sauce, sautéed swiss chard, caramelized shallots fresh herbs


20140214-123512.jpgSpinach – spinach, caramelized onion, smoked mozzarella cheese

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