Tavern II- Des Moines, Iowa


I had the opportunity to spend Christmas in Des Moines, Iowa with Jon’s mom and family. We had a great trip!! Also, we ate some pizza at a well-known restaurant called ‘Tavern.’ There are a few locations in Des Moines, and one was located across from our hotel! This institution started in 1945.

The ambiance is family-oriented casual with a separate bar area.

We tried some onion rings (deadly and amazing) and two pizzas. I really liked this thin crust and I was surprised that I liked the BBQ Chicken pie a lot as well. Clever toppings, not too overwhelming, and quite unique with the coleslaw topping! I loved the burnt cheese on the other pie as well. Great spot!

Figure 2- Pepperoni & Onion Pizza… Pepperoni hidden underneath cheese!

Figure 3- Onion Ring Happiness

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