Ephesus Pizza- Pittsburgh

It was my first time eating at Ephesus, a pizza joint near our office in Pittsburgh. The menu was exhausting at this fast-food-esque establishment. They had pizzas, fried foods, salads, sandwiches, along with turkish and Greek specialties.

I tried the Turkish Pide on recommendation… And it was similar to a pizza without sauce. It seemed that they make two small pizzas in the shape shown in the photo and then place them on top of each other. I didn’t see them prepare the food but I would like to another time.

This looks like much more than the photo shows because of the two layers. The roasted pepper and tomato toppers were great, and it was served with a side salad along, olive oil, and tzatziki. I definitely didn’t NEED to finish the whole thing, but I did. Not the classiest pizzas but, wow, were they good! Bring on the cheeeeese and grease!

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