Fratelli La Bufala- South Beach, FL

On a recent trip to south beach for the “South Beach Wine and Food Festival”, we had some time to kill before the festivities began. Jon and I visited Fratelli la Bufala , a pizzeria at 5th and Washington. This is one of two USA locations; the others are scattered across Europe, centered in Italy.

We started with the famous Burrata appetizer, which came with arugula, sliced tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. If you haven’t had Burrata, it’s like the hard shell of Buffalo Mozzarella with a creamier mozzarella inside. I usually dislike arugula, but this complemented the dish so well. With a splash of olive oil and balsamic for each bite, Jon and I were in heaven. The “small” portion was quite a lot for two people (4+ could definitely share) and the price not cheap, but it came from Italy and we were in love with the taste.

We shared a 1/2 Margherita DOP and 1/2 spicy salame. I was afraid of the spice so was glad that it only covered half the pizza. The crust here was phenomenal. Super thin, perfect flavor, and all toppings went close to the edges to maximize pizza happiness. Basil under the cheese was key because it was able to wilt and cook appropriately rather than being added last minute. Oven time was super quick and the pizza was fully satisfying along with Peroni beers on draft.

Loved the Italians working there. Loved the service. Loved the pizza. We were so happy with our meal. Check it out when you’re in South Beach!

(*I know there are mixed reviews on this spot, but I had no complaints, so come give it a try!)

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