Month: May 2014

Homemade, Outside Chi

Westin O’hare Pizza- Rosemont, IL

I was in Rosemont for company training and the Westin O’hare catered our lunch. At first I was wondering who the pizzeria was because the pies were packed into pizza boxes. In fact, all pizzas were homemade by the Westin chef. The style attempted to mimic a Giordano’s pie with fluffly crust and cheese topping, […]

Dine-in, New York, Take-out, Upscale

Frannys- Brooklyn, NY

On my tour of pizzas in New York, I found the best restaurant ambiance in Brooklyn at Frannys. Great Neapolitan-style pies, and I got to enjoy the company of my cousin, Miriam. I didn’t really like the Parmesan covering my Margherita pie. I felt that it took away from the flavor. This was the same […]

Casual, Dine-in, New York, Take-out

Pizza Suprema- NYC

I was so happy to meet up with Scott ( in NYC. We tried to go to Co., but it was closed, along with a handful of other pizzerias that either don’t serve lunch or are closed on Mondays. I was truly surprised because my loves for theatre and pizza turned against me that Monday, […]

Dine-in, New York, Take-out, Upscale


At this point, when I go to a classic Neapolitan spot, I am always satisfied; but if a Neapolitan pie is on par for quality, then my criticism stops there. Robert capouruscio and his famous pizzeria reign supreme. I had the Regina Margherita pie and was very pleased. Nothing miraculous to note. Just good Neapolitan […]