John’s of Bleecker Street-NYC


On my self-run pizza tour, I hit up the famous John’s of Bleecker street. This cash-only no slices joint was unassuming with wooden tables and painted walls, with people’s names etched everywhere. I ordered a medium cheese pie. I was so delighted with the first bite that I almost polished off the whole ZA. But I restrained and had two slices. Loved the charred cheese. It was so so good. They don’t fully grate the cheese, which was interesting. Enjoyed talking to the guys there and would recommend the awesome pies.





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  1. Have you tried Bleecker Street Pizza ( near to John’s – at the corner of Bleecker & 7th Ave S.) ? We sell slices – if you stop in , try either the Grandma slice or even better the Nona Maria slice. Greg

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