Month: May 2014

Bar/Pub, Dine-in, New York

The Long Room-NYC

I met my friend Caitlin here for a drink/meal after seeing the phenomenal “Cabaret” musical. We ordered a pepperoni flatbread pizza. It was certainly not flatbread, although the menu described it as such. I thought it was undercooked but otherwise liked the crust and its attempt to be a Sicilian-esque flatbread.

Casual, New York, Take-out


I went to visit top of the rock, and on my way out of rock center, passed by Harry’s, a place selling thicker square pies. I had a pepperoni slice and was pleasantly surprised. Sauce was standard, but the crust had appropriate flavor, tad salty, and the mini pepperonis were crisp and tasty. I was […]

Casual, Dine-in, New York, Take-out

John’s of Bleecker Street-NYC

On my self-run pizza tour, I hit up the famous John’s of Bleecker street. This cash-only no slices joint was unassuming with wooden tables and painted walls, with people’s names etched everywhere. I ordered a medium cheese pie. I was so delighted with the first bite that I almost polished off the whole ZA. But […]


Pizza Infographic

No… I’m not cool enough to create my own infographic, but “Tastes of Chicago” have those skills. These are the people that mailed all Chicagoans our pizza when we were in College. #lifesavers. Take a look below at Deep Dish vs. Thin Crust (come on… you can only handle deep dish so many times per […]