Pizza Suprema- NYC


I was so happy to meet up with Scott ( in NYC. We tried to go to Co., but it was closed, along with a handful of other pizzerias that either don’t serve lunch or are closed on Mondays. I was truly surprised because my loves for theatre and pizza turned against me that Monday, but I still found enough to keep me entertained. We were trendy and saw “The Search for General Tso” at TriBeCa film fest as well!!

Back to suprema. Tons of speciality pies on display… We got two cheese slices and one Sicilian slice. The sauce was sweeter on the Sicilian and I was surprised I didn’t enjoy it as much. The crust on both slices held its own, but I did not eat the edge/handle of this pie. I either didn’t have room in my stomach or didn’t find it truly worthwhile. Liked this joint though, and their roomy seating area so I could chow down!




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