Month: June 2014

Casual, Dine-in, Pennsylvania, Take-out

Santuccis- Philadelphia

Bri and I stopped at this south side location on our way out of town. We shared a small pie with sausage. The Sicilian-esque slices were tasty in their rectangular shape. The sauce was a very basic sweet sauce with no chunks of tomato. We were told the sausage was homemade, but it didn’t appear […]

Casual, Dine-in, Pennsylvania, Take-out

Pizza Brain- Philadelphia

Finally! I went on a day trip to Philly and Brianne and I had to stop at pizza brain! Duh! We got a cheese slice (Jane) and a hamburger-style (Whur Herpert) slice. Holy hamburger. That slice was a wild flavor combination mostly due to the topping of mustard/ketchup sauce. We loved checking out the museum […]