Tripoli Bakery- Lawrence, MA

20140623-152908-55748685.jpgAh… New locations!! I am working near Boston and went to check out tripoli bakery with the help of my rental car. The bakery side looked too tempting but I went over to the pizza area where I observed their pizza making process.

1. Spread out risen dough on rectangular pan after using a rolling pin to flatten. Let sit with corners over edge
2. push the dough up to edges of pan
3. brush with sauce
4. bake with just sauce and
5. top hot sauce with cheese ad reheat to melt
6. Serve!

It looked like they precut the slices as well before serving.

After burning the roof of my mouth (whoops)… I enjoyed a bite of pizza. Not really my fave as I thought the sauce was a little sweet for my liking and the crust wasn’t full of flavor. But it was a great experience nonetheless.




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