Santarpio’s -Boston


When I was driving to the airport one week, I noticed Santarpios located at the exit before the airport! I told myself i’d have to stop by the next week I was in town…
And then I was jinxed. After many evening hours in the airport, my flight was canceled and I had to hang in Boston overnight.

First thing on my late-night list? Cab to Santarpios. I placed my order and hung out in the kitchen ( cause that’s what you can do there, literally) while it was being made.



I almost devoured the garlic & crumbled sausage pie but I saved some for the cab driver and the hotel bellman. Was happy with the pizza, mostly because I’ve heard so much about it. I think the slices may not have lived up to the hype if I visited at a planned hour, but flight cancelation + late-night pizza jaunt is a key for success.


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