Villa Nova- New Buffalo, MI

Too excited to chow down on this pie

On a girlie getaway with my friend, Anna, we grabbed some pizza and beer to top off a rainy night in New Buffalo, Michigan.

We sat inside the 12-deck-oven joint as Villa Nova prepared a signature thin crust sausage pizza for takeout.

This spot means business. They were super packed. After throwing the dough balls through the presser/sheeter, they delicately placed raw ground sausage in grid fashion across the pizza atop the sauce. Then they topped with an un-portioned amount of cheese insanity.

This pie was da bomb. They did not skimp on any toppings and it is the perfect tavern pizza to bring home and chow down.


  1. I’m with Felicia. Villa Nova stands out with quality ingredients and generous portions. A delicious thin crust pizza!

  2. I’m glad you finally tried Villa Nova, but you’ve got to try their original location in suburban Stickney, IL not far from Midway Airport. This is the pizza I grew up on, and in my humble opinion, the best thin crust pizza anywhere. Their housemade sausage is some of the best in the business, along with Pat’s in Lincoln Park, but the original Villa Nova uses larger chunks than Pat’s.

    The original location in Stickney has been there since 1955, and it’s an institution in these parts. It’s as old school Chicago Italian as you can get. They have a jukebox, and a small eat in area. The New Buffalo location is good, too, but not quite as good as the original in terms of quality. Villa Nova recently won best cracker thin crust pizza in Chicago by CBS2 Chicago, and they had a really nice feature on Serious Eats Chicago a few years back (with great pictures, too). The picture of their simple cheese and sausage from the Serious Eats Chicago review is what every Chicago style thin crust pizza with homemade sausage should look like and strive to be. The place has a very interesting history, but it was all part of growing up in the neighborhood.


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