Scampo at the Liberty Hotel- Boston, MA

I was so excited to meet my friend Courtney in Boston for a classy meal! We started with an unbelievable Burrata appetizer along with a glass of wine.

They’re known for the lobster pizza, but my allergies would not allow.  We ordered an inventive spinach zucchini pizza as their pies are well-revered, and it was quite the ZA! The sauce was very sweet (they use caramelized onions in all sauces), and it was a bit of a deterrent.  Because of the heavy toppings, the crust was soggy. It still tasted lovely but did not really resemble a pizza. I guess that’s what happens with a fancy restaurant, though! Hoping to get back to try their non-pizza options:)

Neapolitan style of pizza w/ fresh tomato & fiore di nonna stracciatella cheese .. crisped zucchini blossoms

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