Pizza East @ Soho House Chicago


I loved visiting the new Soho House with my parents last weekend! They stayed at the hotel for two nights and we got to enjoy the club levels and rooftops along with the chic room. It was a treat. Along with that, we ate at the stellar pizzeria – Pizza East –┬áthat churned out some tasty pies.

Chef Danielli, originally from Sardinia, came to Chicago after working at the Pizza East in Soho House London. He was as passionate as I was about their double 00 flour and it showed in the dough that was fired into a beautiful pizza.

The Margherita pie was yummy as well as their specialties like prosciutto and veal sausage pies.

I really loved it!!! Interested to see how it will match up to the long-awaited opening of parlor pizzeria across the street.

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