APizza Scholls- Portland, Oregon

I still think fondly about our time in Portland where Jon and I almost conquered an 18″ pizza filled with deliciousness. 
First of all, Apizza Scholls is the best pie on many pizza lovers’ lists and Jon & I made the trek out on a rainy early night to dive in. Not only did we love the combination of flavor topics, loved the mantra/recommendation that minimal # of toppings are best. That is mine as well. We loved our Apizza Margherita and bacon pie… Wow.
The crust was the best char possible, as you can see from photos below. The crunch on the crust was perfect, but the dough was fluffy and chewy as well. VERY glad I got to enjoy this pie!!!
I said I would only eat one more piece (shown on the plate), but couldn't decide between which slice I wanted more... so I ate both.

1/2 Apizza Margherita, 1/2 Bacon Bianca (house cured bacon!)

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