Lucky Penny- Santa Barbara

After a great recommendation from one of my teammates, I got to experience a bit of the funk zone in Santa Barbara with a side of pizza. Must check out again

We went to Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. and ordered Lucky Penny pizza from their menu as they collaborate between restaurants. The pizzas & sandwich came in takeout boxes from across the parking lot, but all seemed fresh when it was served to our table alongside our wines & beer samplers.

Here is the pie rundown:

The Lucky Margherita –san marzana marinara, burrata, mozzarella, oregano, basil, olive oil
This pie was good because it had burrata instead of traditional mozzarella, but it was nothing famous and amazing. Still, the solid crust was an A+ and the san marzano sauce was a comforting flavor.

Ode to Dan Russo -oven roasted tomatoes, pork & fennel sausage, calabrian chile, smoked mozzarella, arugula
Wow kick of spice in here with the chiles, but also a fun mix of flavors. The arugula calmed down the spice which was helpful, and helped balance the variety of toppings.

The Lucky Penny Cheese Pizza -san marzano marinara, smoked mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, rosemary
This was a crowd pleaser for sure! Kristy said it “rocked my world” which is a definite YES. I was impressed with the cheese choices made here because I typically find that three-cheese pies are overloaded with some fancy goat cheese or a strong deterrent to the full tastebud sensation. In this case, lucky penny chose some calmer cheeses that packed their own punch individually, and then rounded it out with the rosemary addition. Angela said it was her favorite cheesy pie that she has tried.

Lucky Bread -roasted garlic butter, rosemary, parmesan
Everyone thought this packed a spicy kick, but it could have just been that roasted garlic taste permeating through the pie. With few toppings on the dough, it was able to rise appropriately and showed off the level of effort and skill in preparing dough for pizzas.

Spiced Lamb Meatball Sandwich -harissa marinara, blistered anaheim chiles, shaved pecorino, arugula served on ciabatta
Nice sandwich, too spicy for me, but full of flavor and spice.

The Lucky Penny Cheese Pizza
Lucky Margherita
Ode to Dan Russo
Lucky Bread

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