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My long time friend, Brittany, and I had an amazing afternoon in LA walking along Venice Beach, relaxing at home, going to yoga, and then catching a bite for dinner. Originally, the plan was sushi, but the stars aligned, and we ended up at this adorable pizzeria, Olio.

First, ambiance was casual and inviting. We had a great waitress, and a prime spot at the pizza prep area.

Second, Fire-roasted appetizers… phenomenal use of the pizza oven. We had the Shishito Peppers, and they were a bundle of happiness. We were freaked a few times though because some of them were quite spicy! All in good fun.

Lastly, ZA. We watched a variety of pies come out of the oven. A dessert pie, and beautiful Veggie Bianco pie (next time), and our own Margherita Plus pie, which was topped with Burrata cheese. They prepared the pizza with sauce, garlic, oil, etc and slid it into the oven. After a few minutes to let it brown, they added burrata cheese and finished the pie off. They took care not to burn the burrata because it was oh-so-special, but the warmed combination of happiness was perfect.

We had such a nice meal there! Highly recommend and can’t wait to try more appetizers, pizzas, and a dessert too!

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