Parlor Pizza Bar

Walking into this crazy busy bar/restaurant in the west loop is quite the rush. Pizza ovens on the right, pizza ovens in the back, big bar up front, and a variety of seating options throughout. We ordered lots of food!

Caesar salad-nothing to write home about
Antipasto chopped Salad- fantasmic and loved the ingredients
Nacho bites-more like fancy nachos… Each chip evenly topped with perfection! Definitely recommend
Marinara pizza-rich sauce, thin pie, accentuates their crust
Burrata be kidding me-not to worry about overwhelming flavor as the truffle oil was nicely balanced by the lemon vinaigrette… And hey, it’s Burrata cheese. Aka best gooey mozz-type cheese out there.

Verdict-fun loud atmosphere, good food & drinks, but I prefer the pizza nearby at pizza east for true nosh-tastic love

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