Tony’s Pizzaria- Ventura, CA


This pizza was goooood! We trekked about 20 minutes to check out the so-called institution… Photos on the wall of the late owner with celebrities, notes from the president, features in newspapers and magazines. This place was a shack-like building with enough room for customers to order, and then you had to move outside to wait for slices.

The sauce was like soup!!! I swear! It was like tomato soup, and we all saw the pie topped as such. Once the pizza went into the oven though, the crispy charred pizza crust & cheese turned it into a great slice. The good thing about thin sauce is that you still get all the flavor without it weighing down the crust. I burnt my mouth on the first bite (word to the wise), but my team and I enjoyed our slice adventure. Angela mentioned that this kind of pizza reminded her of the classic New York pies, and was quite pleased!
I would call that a Ventura road-trip win!

Memorabilia wall

Memorabilia wall

IMG_5285 IMG_5289

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