Harry’s Pizzeria- Miami, FL

My mom and I enjoyed visiting this offshoot of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. Harry’s Pizzeria just opened another location in Coconut Grove as well! We started with our own salads. I had the Brussel Sprouts & Stracciatella , which was accompanied by fresh pear. Nom. Cheese. Nom. My mom loved her salad with fresh warm chicken and cheesy croutons.

The margherita was quite nice! I was most taken by the sauce. It was a denser tomato sauce than I typically taste. Not soupy at all, quite flavorful. We also had caramelized & grilled onions atop the pie, and they added a nice amount of sweetness. Good ZA in the design district, and right at the edge of the action!
Photo Mar 06, 10 51 45 AM harrys mia Photo Mar 06, 10 51 48 AM

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