Flour & Barley-Las Vegas

This place was a bummer in the TO GO area! Spot located near the new Ferris wheel in Vegas.

They had slices out from hoursss ago. I’m telling you, HOURS (Or at least that’s what I remember). As in, I asked which slice was the freshest, and they said they made a pie an hour or so ago.┬áNeedless to say, we didn’t have a slice. Was not wasting those calories on a slice that had been sitting out. And that’s a note for all of you. If you ever go to a slice shop, make sure to ask for the┬ámost recent slice of pie… and hopefully the slices haven’t been sitting out for too long #fresh #pizza #best #pizza.

Photo Mar 23, 8 25 12 PM Photo Mar 23, 8 25 14 PM

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