Manco & Manco- Ocean City, NJ

Sauce delivered by a pedal system and sauce hose… quite the party. Brianne and I walked down the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ last summer and saw the multiple locations of the famous joint Manco & Manco (previously Mack & Mancos).

One of the most surprising things about these restaurant/take out spots is that the ovens varied from shop to shop. Sadly, we didn’t feel like sampling the slices at each spot. But some had a rotating oven, and others had a deck oven with doors… Very interesting.

Good pizza, fun to watch the pizza hose, and the two cheeses were a nice touch. If I was visiting Ocean City for a week-long vacation, I wouldn’t be able to resist a daily slice here.

Photo Jun 14, 8 01 21 PM

Photo Jun 14, 8 05 39 PM

Photo Jun 14, 7 58 52 PM


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