Pizzeria Vetri- Philadelphia, PA

I loved when I could meet up with my friend, Brianne, in Philadelphia before or after some trips to my client! She’s the best and would drive 1-2 hours from Sea Isle City, NJ to hang with me and explore Philly.

Although she lives the life of a “Pizza Wife” since her boyfriend runs a pizzeria and they opened a Florida spot together, she doesn’t particularly love the pizza in the same way that I do (Of course, I’m quite obsessive). Regardless, she was super nice and willing to tour with me, and we were able to check out some really nice spots in Philly during those visits.

Pizzeria Vetri had just opened in the Rittenhouse Square area, so we walked in and took a seat along the pizza prep area. We went all-in and tried a variety of items and also had some nice conversations with the staff there.

Photo Jun 04, 7 26 28 PM
Nutella Pizza- We looked but didn’t order!
Photo Jun 04, 7 55 21 PM
Team of chefs! Some dressing the pies, some tossing tough, some manning the pizza oven
Photo Jun 04, 7 46 57 PM
Stretching dough on the pizza peel


Starter #1: Rotollo: pizza dough, mortadella, ricotta, pistacchio pesto.

Photo Jun 04, 7 34 03 PM

Oooh ahh this one was a goodie! not too overwhelming, and quite nice to have a crunchy pesto!

Starter #2: Pizza Al Taglio del Giorno. Different type of crust on these pizzas. We had one of their daily slices which was dressed in pears and ricotta cheese. It was so unique and refreshing!

Photo Jun 04, 7 34 08 PM

Pizza- Classic Margherita. As you know, a must. This one did not disappoint and we savored each bite!

Photo Jun 04, 8 02 36 PM

Additionally, They had premade cocktails, which I think is a clever idea for a restaurant! This cute sloe gin fizz came in a bottle with its own label.

Photo Jun 04, 7 41 49 PM Photo Jun 04, 7 41 32 PM

All in all, we had a great night and really enjoyed Pizzeria vetri! Thanks to the staff 🙂


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