Evo Pizza- Charleston, SC

When one loves pizza, one goes great lengths to get to pizza. The lengths were not too great, but Jon and I ventured away from the downtown area of Charleston and drove to the award-winning EVO pizza  in the Park Circle neighborhood. We enjoyed the famous Pistachio Pesto Pizza along with a Margherita. Well that pesto pie was nothing like I’d ever tasted, for sure. Loved the dough… awesome, fluffy, heaven. I was glad we had the margherita (and a beer or two) to balance out the flavors. Really glad we were able to make a stop here and would recommend it to the pizza adventurers!

Photo Oct 28, 11 19 36 AM Photo Oct 28, 11 25 20 AM Photo Oct 28, 11 34 02 AM Photo Oct 28, 11 34 05 AM Photo Oct 28, 11 34 43 AM Photo Oct 28, 11 40 16 AM Photo Oct 28, 11 19 30 AM

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