Month: June 2016

Casual, Dine-in, Portugal, Portugal

Da Stefano-Canary Islands

[Guest post alert!] My friend Kristi was kind enough to photograph some gorgeous ZA in beautiful Portugal! Her thoughts are below: First pizza we had is a white mushroom pizza “funghi” with truffle oil and arugula ontop. Very garlicky. Very delish. Second was a Hawaiian with piña and jámon! Both crusts were traditionally thin, perfect amount […]

Casual, Dine-in, Florida

Cantinetta- Miami Beach, FL

Overpriced food on Lincoln Mall is far too common, but this pizza was not too shabby. My sister ordered it and shared one of the slices with me!! Floppy cheesy pizza. I enjoyed the salty finish and thought there was a good amount of sauce to complement the crust and cheese 🙂