Co.-New York City

I loved my visit to NYC and was so glad to see Michelle and Elissa! Good times. We ordered some fancy shmancy pies along with our wine and cheeses.

Homemade delicious bread (Truccione Sare) kicked off our meal with a fresh ricotta spread. For Za we had the famous Popeye (pecorino, gruyere, mozz, spinach, black pepper, garlic) and Saltimbocca (prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, aged provolone, bechamel, demi-sec tomatoes, sage, basil, fried capers). That popeye was wild… I didn’t expect what I had tried, but overall, it was a unique combination of flavors. The Saltimbocca was quite rich and creamy, and love the tomatoes to complement the bechamel.

Glad we got to visit this spot!

Photo May 15, 2 10 36 PM Photo May 15, 2 10 42 PM Photo May 15, 2 17 42 PM Photo May 15, 2 41 07 PM Photo May 15, 2 41 09 PM Photo May 15, 2 41 14 PM Photo May 15, 2 46 13 PM

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