Totonno’s- Coney Island, NY

My whirlwind May NYC Visit (self-titled “Pizza & Musicals”) included an afternoon of pizza adventures with Scott Wiener and Anna Orchard!! As amazing tour guides/hosts on my adventure, we began in Coney Island. I arrived straight from the airport, armed with my large backpack and raincoat for the weekend, we headed to our first stop, Totonno’s.

This unassuming spot has been family-owned since 1924, and we were lucky to visit during the rainy weather when it wasn’t too busy. I loved the 1/2 white garlic pizza and margherita… Flavors were awesome, the bake was just right, and it was a solid start to our day. In fact, I think it was my favorite pie of the entire day! No complaints here. And we topped it with a Nathan’s hot dog… although that may have negatively impacted my ability to keep chugging through our pizza crawl late into the day :). Enjoy photos below!

Taking the N Train from the airport to the last stop!


Gently lining the cheese on the pie, flippo berio olive oil in view.
A true art form. Notice the extra long pizza peel, and the bench to anchor the peel for prepping the pie.
In she goes!
The char on this crust is mouthwatering… take me back


Admiring how thin and that dough stretches
My hosts! Scott and Anna! Thanks!
Rainy view!
Rainy view!
We made it... demolished the dawgs
We made it… demolished the dawgs


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