Prince Street Pizza- SOHO, New York

One of my FAVORITE slices ever was experienced in NY at Prince Street pizza. If I wasn’t trying to have a well-rounded pizza experience, I would have been back for seconds & thirds. The walk-up shop at Prince Street pizza puts out some amazing square slices. The mini cup pepperonis were glorious and it was the best combination of crunchy edges with magical doughy innards :). I cannot recommend this place highly enough. And it’s perfectly located in a trendy area. Walk, don’t run, to this joint.

Pizza prep and a growing line

Pizza prep and a growing line

I'm telling you, this is a piece of art

I’m telling you, this is a piece of art

Me and the godfather

Me and the godfather

Bumped into a scott's pizza tour group !

Bumped into a scott’s pizza tour group !

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