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Nancy’s Pizza

After a great networking event with the Social Media Club Chicago, I was fired up, excited… and awake. Therefore, the only entertaining option for Jon & I was to order in some pizza. The restaurant of choice tonight was Nancy’s Pizza, a place that’s been around since 1971 and expanded in many other cities across […]

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Pizza in Colorado

Many of you may have guessed from my twitter and facebook, but I spent last weekend in Edwards, Colorado, near Beaver Creek ski resort. I loved spending time with my family but now they see that my childhood obsesion with pizza has only grown stronger. In one weekend together, I had pizza 4 times… out […]

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Best Pizza In the USA

I have the travel bug… I constantly am anxious to get out of town and go somewhere new. This weekend I am headed to Colorado for a family ski trip and can’t wait to see them! In the spirit of travel, I compiled a list of top pizza places around the USA. If feasible, I […]