Wig & Pen Pizza- Iowa City, IA

Jon & I had so much fun celebrating the wedding of Kelsey & Matt in Iowa City! It was a beautiful venue and the ceremony was amazing. We’re so happy for them! The tired couple mustered up some energy to eat pizza on our last night in town. We went to Wig & Pen Pub, a pizzeria that I had been wanting to try in person after Kelsey brought me some ZA when she came to Chicago! [post here] Continue reading Wig & Pen Pizza- Iowa City, IA


Home sweet ‘alexi’s couch’. I made a last-minute trip to Chicago, and spent Thursday night on Alexi, Danny, & Kevin’s couch watching TV and eating pizza. I ordered in Ranalli’s extra thin crust ZA with some fresh mozz. It truly was super thin with a tomato-paste-like sauce. So yes, only downside was flavorless sauce, but all else was great. Needless to say, I polished off the medium pizza on my own. I have not done something like this in a long time… the combination of relaxing, quiet time, and delivery pizza made for a perfect evening.

Welcome to Chicago, Felicia!

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The Union Woodshop- Clarkston, Michigan

My team and I went to one of the hippest spots in town called the Union Woodshop. The wait was 1.5 hours for a party of 4, but they managed to accommodate 10 of us in that same wait time. It was a BBQ restaurant, but they snuck pizza onto the menu do to their wood-fired cuisine. Well, of course that made the tasting list. Continue reading The Union Woodshop- Clarkston, Michigan

Nomad Pizza- Philadelphia

I made a pit stop in Philly for less than 24 hours and knew I had to get some Philly Cheesesteak. Right down the street from Pat’s cheesesteaks & Geno’s was a pizzeria called Nomad. The neighborhood was adorable, and the setup was quite inviting. Large open doors for outside seating, tables near a pizza oven, upstairs bar area, and a dining area with large movie screen. Continue reading Nomad Pizza- Philadelphia

Flanagan’s- Bermuda

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