Vines On Clark

Margherita Pizza

Wrigleyville. Cubs. Beers. Food… which led us to ordering a pizza among a handful of other appetizers at Vines on Clark.

The pizza had a ton of cheese and sauce on it, and was surprisingly cooked through and crunchy on the edges. The tomato sauce was more of a bland tomato […]

Poppa Rollo’s – Waco, TX

On my last week in Temple, Texas, I finally found time to check out a pizza place I had heard so much about! My friend Amanda had been going there since she was younger and wanted to share her favorite spot with me. I met her and her adorable sons on a Monday night and we had to wait quite a while to be seated. Continue reading Poppa Rollo’s – Waco, TX

Francesca’s Forno

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When I was last in Chicago, a bunch of us found ourselves at Francesca’s Forno in Wicker Park for dinner during the final blackhawks winning game. We left a foodless bar to eat some grub and were thankful to see the game being shown on the TVs. We had the bruschetta of the day and also a roasted corn dish to start. Both scrumptious. Continue reading Francesca’s Forno

Pizzeria Serio

The first time I ate at Serio was a few months after it opened in at the edge of the Roscoe Village neighborhood. After ~2 years, it was great to go back with Sara and Allison and learn a bit about the behind the scenes side of the pizzeria. One of my favorite takeaways was that the owner loves a simple margherita pizza! Gotta love people who believe in the basics. I’ll try to keep my review brief🙂. Continue reading Pizzeria Serio

Il Cane Rosso- Dallas, TX

I took a 6:00am flight out of Dallas on Feb 15th, so I had to drive over on Valentine’s Day. I don’t love the ~2 hour drive from Temple, TX to Dallas, but I strategically planned for a pizza experience. Although I had not read about Il Cane Rosso on any of my […]