Cicchetti Restaurant- Streeterville

Loved the ambiance of this trendy restaurant in Streeterville. Cocktails were tasty and we also had a bread plate with olives, butter, giardinera. Then we shared a “handmade pizza” with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. The waiter also told us that there was Ricotta on the pie, which wasn’t listed on the menu, but we […]

Santarpio’s -Boston


When I was driving to the airport one week, I noticed Santarpios located at the exit before the airport! I told myself i’d have to stop by the next week I was in town…
And then I was jinxed. After many evening hours in the airport, my flight was canceled and I had to hang in Boston overnight.


Picco- Boston, MA

Small Pizza : 1/2 Alsatian (sautéed onions, shallots, garlic, crème fraîche, bacon & gruyere ) 1/2 Margherita

I had the happiest solo din in Boston earlier this week! I sat at the bar of Picco, a restaurant in the theater area on Tremont Street. Continue reading Picco- Boston, MA

The Long Room-NYC

I met my friend Caitlin here for a drink/meal after seeing the phenomenal “Cabaret” musical. We ordered a pepperoni flatbread pizza. It was certainly not flatbread, although the menu described it as such. I thought it was undercooked but otherwise liked the crust and its attempt to be a Sicilian-esque flatbread.


Vendetta-Vail, CO

This pizza was fine. For a bar/restaurant in Vail, it served its purpose but was not as good as the pizza over at blue moose.