Fogo 2 Go- Lincoln Park

This place is just not worth it… even for the hungriest human. My sister and I grabbed a slice and they had pizza sitting out for a while with no intention to make another pie. They reheated the slice for less than 1 minute, which meant that it hadn’t even fully warmed up. Nothing […]

Villa Nova- New Buffalo, MI

Too excited to chow down on this pie

On a girlie getaway with my friend, Anna, we grabbed some pizza and beer to top off a rainy night in New Buffalo, Michigan.

We sat inside the 12-deck-oven joint as Villa Nova prepared a signature thin crust sausage pizza for takeout.

This spot means […]

Stony’s Late Night Pizza Truck- Austin, Texas

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Santarpio’s -Boston


When I was driving to the airport one week, I noticed Santarpios located at the exit before the airport! I told myself i’d have to stop by the next week I was in town…
And then I was jinxed. After many evening hours in the airport, my flight was canceled and I had to hang in Boston overnight.


Courtyard Andover Pizza- Andover, MA

I have been trying to eat an array of whole foods prepared items, but when I mistakenly ate too-spicy Thai coleslaw, I resorted to food in the hotel lobby.

The courtyard Marriott offered a tomato mozzarella flatbread and advertised it at 330 calories, so I thought id give it a try! The flatbread […]