Picco- Boston, MA

Small Pizza : 1/2 Alsatian (sautéed onions, shallots, garlic, crème fraîche, bacon & gruyere ) 1/2 Margherita

I had the happiest solo din in Boston earlier this week! I sat at the bar of Picco, a restaurant in the theater area on Tremont Street. Continue reading Picco- Boston, MA

Tripoli Bakery- Lawrence, MA

20140623-152908-55748685.jpgAh… New locations!! I am working near Boston and went to check out tripoli bakery with the help of my rental car. The bakery side looked too tempting but I went over to the pizza area where I observed their pizza making process.


Santuccis- Philadelphia

Bri and I stopped at this south side location on our way out of town. We shared a small pie with sausage. The Sicilian-esque slices were tasty in their rectangular shape. The sauce was a very basic sweet sauce with no chunks of tomato. We were told the sausage was homemade, but it didn’t appear to be true. We also snagged two different types of homemade bread which were satisfying as well. Both bri and I were most surprised by the price of the pizza. The “small” pie was just under $10 including the sausage topping. It was definitely larger than a personal pie… So I’d be interested to know what their margins are! Great sample of pizza in Philly but, as always, I’ll be itching to try more pies when I visit again!! Continue reading Santuccis- Philadelphia

Pizza Brain- Philadelphia

Favorite ATM machine ever. so clever

Finally! I went on a day trip to Philly and Brianne and I had to stop at pizza brain! Duh! We got a cheese slice (Jane) and a hamburger-style (Whur Herpert) slice. Holy hamburger. That slice was a wild flavor combination mostly due to the topping of mustard/ketchup sauce. We loved checking out the museum and artwork embedded into the space. Pizza Brain was filled with tons of TLC. We also finished off our meal with an ice cream sampler from next door.  Continue reading Pizza Brain- Philadelphia

Pizza Suprema- NYC

I was so happy to meet up with Scott (scottspizzatours.com) in NYC. We tried to go to Co., but it was closed, along with a handful of other pizzerias that either don’t serve lunch or are closed on Mondays. I was truly surprised because my loves for theatre and pizza turned against me […]