Fine Folk Pizza- Fort Myers, FL

When your friends open another pizzeria, you can’t help but be biased and full of excitement. I have a love/hate relationship with wanting to open a pizzeria myself… but am keeping that desire at bay lately. Anyways, Jon and I enjoyed driving out to Fort Myers over the Christmas holiday to visit our friends! Loved […]

Crowne Plaza JFK- NY

It was a sad overnight layover on Halloween at the Crowne Plaza JFK airport. While watching a scary movie in our hotel room, we went wild and ordered pizza and sliders for delivery. The longest wait time for a less-than-satisfactory pie… but you eat what you get when you’re exhausted! At least the burnt […]

LaScala’s Pronto Pizza- Philadelphia, PA

I was lucky to be able to catch up with an old friend, Katie, on a stop in Philadelphia before driving to my client an hour away. She took me to her local favorite pizza spot, which she would typically order in from.

Loved the Marsal & Sons oven! The pizza was chewy and a comfortable […]

D’Allesandro’s Pizza- Charleston, SC

This spot came from recommendations from locals (“Head to D’Als!”) while Jon and I were in South Carolina on vacation. We stopped by this quirky pizza shop before we left town and were enjoyed our experience. Had the lunch special pie which came with salads and a beer (if I recall) and enjoyed the […]

Manco & Manco- Ocean City, NJ

Sauce delivered by a pedal system and sauce hose… quite the party. Brianne and I walked down the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ last summer and saw the multiple locations of the famous joint Manco & Manco (previously Mack & Mancos).

One of the most surprising things about these restaurant/take out spots is that […]